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Download vol.3 of the WelcheMusic Compilation Playlist

It’s time for WelcheMusic vol.3 fresh from the oven. Ke$ha storms the charts with the new album and we think that “Take It Off” is a contender for an upcoming single release. Owl City storms the UK singles chart this week with “Fireflies.” Let’s hope that the follow-up single “Vanilla Twilight” can repeat the success. Also included, current hits from Sidney Samson and the Glee Cast’s version of “Don’t Stop Believin’.” True to form, we’ve added bonus tracks. Jay-Z recorded “History” for the More than a Game soundtrack.

  • Click here to download the WelcheMusic vol.3 playlist
  • Click here to download the WelcheMusic vol.2 playlist
  • Just right-click on the image to download the cover art
  • Click here to download the WelcheMusic vo.1 playlist

Give it Up for DJ Earworm

Take a bow for DJ Earworm. Not only has he created the greatest mashup video of 2009’s hits, he also was hailed by Billboard. Built on the Top 25 hits of Billboard last year, more than 1m has already viewed the hit online.

Will Beyoncé Return Soon?

Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins was the hottest producer awhile back when hits such as Whitney Houston’s “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay,” Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” and Brandy & Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine” ruled the charts. Now he’s reportedly in the studio with Beyoncé, working on new material which is scheduled to be released sometime later this year. Released in October 2008, her I Am…Sasha Fierce album spawned eight hit singles. Some were only released in certain territories. “Broken-Hearted Girl” was never officially issued in the US, but charted anyways due to strong downloads. Rodney Jerkins co-wrote and produced the upcoming Lady Gaga single “Telephone,” where Beyoncé sings guest vocals.

Duffy to Return in 2010

  • Welsh pop singer Duffy is recording new material. She was born Aimée Ann Duffy and reign from Wales. Her 2008 debut album Rockferry has sold 6m worldwide and spawned hit singles such as “Mercy” and “Warwick Avenue.” A new album is slated for release later this year and the singer has worked with Drummer Questlove, one of The Root’s members. He has previously written tracks for Christina Aguilera and N*E*R*D. Duffy won three Brit Awards last year including British Female, British Breakthrough and British Album. While “Mercy” became the great breakthrough for Duffy, it was actually the title track “Rockferry” that was released first. Co-written by Suede’s Bernard Butler, “Rockferry” peaked at No.45 in the UK in November 2007. The track also reached the Swiss Top 40 upon its release.
  • The Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Songs of All Time

    It won’t come as a surprise that WelcheMusic loves charts. This time we’ve dug into music magazine’s Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All.  As this site is mainly devoted to current chart trends, it’s quite refreshing to see the lack of new music in the top regions. Bob Dylan wins the race with “Like a Rolling Stone,” ahead of The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” and John Lennon’s “Imagine.” No Miley Cyrus, no Black Eyed Peas, not even Mariah Carey? We’ve included the top three videos below. The rest of the chart can be read here.

    Vampire Weekend Expected to Hit the Top Spot in the UK This Sunday

    Vampire Weekend is predicted to bow atop of the UK album chart on Sunday, but they face fierce competition from Florence + the Machine. According to Music Week, Vampire Weekend’s second album Contra is the fastest selling album this week. On the singles chart, Iyaz is predicted to keep the No.1 spot, while Owl City’s heading for a prominent positon with “Fifreflies.” 

    “Real Housewives” Countess Wants Producer Akon to Launch Her Singing Career

    As reported by E! Online, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is reported to have written and recorded the track “Money Can’t Buy Class,” inspired by her memoir/etiquette book Class with the Countess. She has Akon in mind, when naming what producer she’d like to work with. Why, one might wonder? Think etiquette, then “Sexy Bitch.” No, the countess might want to rethink – and Akon’s probably has his mind up. Read the rest of the story here.


    Don’t Hassle with Erik

    So there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the reception of Swedish singer Erik Hassle in the UK. Some say that the positive reviews have been overrated, stating that the Guardian did not offically hail him (it was a freelancer who did). Who cares? The guy is fantastic and “Hurtful” must be one of the best pop tracks last century. Well, get this – the track has made its way onto BBC Radio 1’s rotation, which means it will get regular spins. The best of luck!

    “Hurtful” will be issued in the UK in the beginning of February, and it’s the Starsmith edit that has been added to the playlist.

    WelcheMusic “Beat” Radio1

    We’re the first to admit that WelcheMusic’s inspiration partly comes from what’s being picked up around the world. Buzz on Billboard, Radio 1’s playlists and so on. Having said that, it’s totally in line with this site’s focus when three of this week’s additions to the Radio 1 playlist already have been featured on our compilations. These are Timbaland feat. Katy Perry’s  “If We Ever Meet Again,” Muse’s “Resistance” and Jay Sean’s “Do You Remember.” And as mentioned earlier, Erik Hassle made the cut with “Hurtful.” Download vol.1 here and vol.2 here.

    Ke$ha Set to Overtake the Throne from Susan Boyle

    According to Billboard, Ke$ha is overtake the throne from Susan Boyle on the Billboard 200 album chart. We will know for sure tomorrow (13/1), but it seems as if Ke$ha’s debut set Animal will overthrone Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed a Dream. The album was the biggest selling one in the UK last year, and the No.2 album in the States. “TiK ToK” has been a massive worldwide hit and is set to be followed by “Blah Blah Blah,” which features alternative rock act 3OH!3. That track is included on the WelcheMusic vol.2 compilation which is out now. What might come as a suprise is that Ke$ha is credited as backing vocalist on Paris Hilton’s “Nothing in this World,” a track that only made the top ten in…Finland.