Boy Bands Return with a Vengeance as the UK Welcomes The Wanted

Who said boy bands were out of fashion? The British boy band The Wanted debuted atop the UK singles chart on Sunday with the help of producer Steve Mac, who certainly knows the genre. The debut hit “All Time Low” has already been a Top 20 airplay hit in the UK and reached No.19 in Ireland upon its release. In true boy band style, the group was formed through massive auditioning.

The physical CD single features a rendition of Cheryl Cole’s “Fight for this Love.” This means that The Wanted knocks Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP off the No.1 spot. Expect the track “Heart Vacancy” as the follow-up single.

Steve Mac debuted as a producer in the early ‘90s, producing artists such as Chad Jackson, Nomad, Undercover and Lindy Layton. His boy band list of merits began with the German group Caught In The Act, whom Mac produced a string of hits from 1993-1996. Come 1996 and the introduction of Boyzone, with lead vocalist Ronan Keating.

In 1999, Steve Mac launched another Irish boy band together with Ronan Keating – Westlife. Throughout the ‘00s, Mac produced a string of hits for both bands – including No.1 hits such as “Flying without Wings” and “Queen of My Heart.”

4 responses to “Boy Bands Return with a Vengeance as the UK Welcomes The Wanted

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  2. I think that people were worn out of boy bands after 2002 when there were too many of them out on the market. The choreographed dance moves and catchy songs by groups such as Backstreet Boys and NSYNC were really wearing out on some listeners and they moved on to other artists. But I’m pleased that it’s returning but slowly without beating everybody over the head. I remember when Steve Mac had several hits with Five as well as Max Martin and Rami and Kristian Lundin having numerous hits with Backstreet and NSYNC. This group The Wanted sounds like Coldplay over electronic dance pop grooves but it works. The song is good.

  3. You’re absolutely spot on.

    Fredrik, WelcheMusic

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