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Lady Gaga Producer RedOne Launches New Super Group

Lady Gaga’s acclaimed producer RedOne made the headlines in Sweden as he recently launched the new super group Love Generation. In an interview with evening paper Aftonbladet, RedOne compares the group with Gaga who “was an unknown talent when they first met.” Née Nadir Khayat, 37 year-old RedOne will collaborate on new material on Kylie Minogue’s upcoming album and his merits includes Mary J. Blige, Sugababes, Mika, Usher as well as Michael Jackson.

The five unknown girls of Love Generation is a collaboration with the star producer and talent scouts Peter Swartling and Jonas Johnson. Swartling spent several years as a jury member of Swedish Idol.

RedOne wrote Love Generation’s first single on a Friday, the girls were hand-picked from 500 contestants last Saturday and a single was recorded the day after. 22-year old Charlie Braun admits that she hardly understands what is happening. “I’ve listened to Lady Gaga’s and RedOne’s songs for a year. Suddenly I’m in a studio with this world-known producer. It’s fantastic,” Braun says to Aftonbladet.

SWV Freed Willy with the Help of Chanting Michael

WelcheMusic takes the time machine back to 1990 when Sisters with Voices formed a gospel group. They later on transformed into the r’n’b act SWV. Their first single “Right Here” charted back in 1992. With the help of producer Teddy Riley, the group was signed to RCA Records. Their debut hit peaked at No.16 on the r’nb chart and the real breakthrough came with “I’m So Into You,” a No.2 hit on the r’n’b chart and a No.6 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

The international breakthrough came with a remixed version of “Right Here,” interpolating Michael Jackson’s original hit “Human Nature.” The song became a worldwide success, peaking at No.2 on the Hot 100 and No.3 in the UK. The new version also features Pharell Williams chanting “s…double…u…vee.” That version was also included in the film Free Willy.

The group took a pause in 1999, only to reunite in 2005. Wikipedia hints that there might be a new album out this year, but the group has not charted since 1998 when “Rain” peaked at No.25 on the Hot 100.

So far, SWV only charted in Sweden with “Right Here/Human Nature.” It barely reached the top twenty, eventually peaking at No.21.

Orianthi’s the Aussie Guitarist Racing the US Charts with Danish Eurovision Entry

Born in 1985, Australian Orianthi Panagaris has already spiced up her resume. Not only has she cracked the US market, she is also the guitarist in Michael Jackson’s concert movie This Is It. Her debut single “According to You” peaked at No.6 in Australia and is currently sitting at No.20 on the Billboard Hot 100. To be fair, the track has reached No.4 on the Billbord Pop Songs chart.The track is included on the latest WelcheMusic compilation which can be found here.

As this wasn’t odd enough, the title track of her current hit album Believe is none other than Niels Brinck’s “Believe Again” – Denmark’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. A track that was penned by Boyzone singer Ronan Keating.  Watch the original below:

Swedish song-writer Andreas Carlsson has also submitted songs to the album. “Bad News” was written by Carlsson with the help of Desmond Child and Orianthi herself.

Expect Orianthi to get her breakthrough in Europe as well.